Book with us some of our desert trips and enjoy these activities.




Book a tour with a visit in the heart of the desert with us and have FREE this incredible activity. Sandboarding is a table sport similar to snowboarding.

It is a recreational activity and occurs on sand dunes rather than snow-capped mountains. This boardsport has adherents throughout the world, more frequent in areas.

ATVs or Buggies in the desert

Would you like to live the experience of riding a quad or a buggy in the Sahara?
Our quad and buggy rental service in the Sahara offers routes through the desert dunes of Merzouga

This type of quad bike tour through Morocco, guided by professional instructors, will take you through landscapes of extraordinary contrasts under the sun of justice of the Sahara desert.

A hilarious and unforgettable adventure in high-end vehicles, equipped with all safety measures so that it becomes a smooth experience, equipping you with helmets, belts and other protective measures. In addition, the professional guides who are part of the service will make you enjoy the experience 100%, respecting the environment and the environment.

Night in the camp

Sahara desert camping is much more than just cloth tents. They are a very important part in the life of the nomads, as you will understand when you see the richness, beauty and functionality of their interiors. You will see them full of blankets, rugs and cushions, which make them a pleasant space full of hospitality.

Also, to get to this camp you will enjoy a ride on a dromedary. a way to feel and experience the desert in its purest form, where we will also prepare a typical Berber dinner and a fantastic breakfast.

During the night, we have a special drum party. A cultural experience that, together with the magic of the place, can be lived at any time of the year.